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About Debo;Lifeline™

What is Debo;Lifeline™? 

Debo;Lifeline™ was established in 2020 as an organization dedicated to promoting young adults' mental, emotional and physical wellbeing through open dialogue and personal connection and access to resources. Debo;Lifeline ™ is a non-profit 501c(3) organization headquartered in Goshen, New York.  

Debo;Lifeline™ Vision Statement 

Our vision is for young adults struggling with mental health, emotional and physical wellbeing, and substance use is cared for and empowered to lead healthy, fulfilling lives free of stigma.  

Debo;Lifeline™  Redefining (;)

Debo;Lifeline ™ has enhanced the possibilities for (;) in mental health and the future of young adults struggling with mental illness. We are continuing beyond "the pause." enabling young adults to be aware of mental illness yet reformulating how to meet the young adults' unique needs in our communities through financial grants and personal connection to those services. 

Debo;Lifeline™ IS:

  • The kinship between young adults within the community and the mental health community
  • A referral service, directing young adults to the counseling services either through the local community, churches, life coaches, or other mental health services to find support

Debo;Lifeline™ (NP) is NOT:

  • A support group or clinical services – therapy

Debo;Lifeline™ Goals

  • Currently, literacy campaigns underway to educate and inspire young adults about mental health and mental illness, the implications of common diseases, and resources that can help reduce stigma.
  • We are educating and equipping young adults to engage in open dialogue to combat mental health stigma. 
  • We are raising awareness about mental illnesses. 
  • Build strong communities and develop personal skills through the organization of community events. 

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